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Hello MolisWorld,
we owe you an Explication... I'm Reverting the server back to the last version we left on Why you ask well there is no point in a Mad reset as the server was pointlessly dead at the point. a Major fixup is not going to fix a lot of the problems however I'll be online updating the plugins to stable versions and fixing all the bugs we had on our last stable version this means we will have a fixed economy system with the help of a new manager who will be along at some point (More information about the manager below) however this is what the plans are we will be reverting to the last version but working our way to re-vamp and just do the best we can to keep the server at a haste everyone is happy with if you have any ideas what you think I could add or fix next please bug report and suggest like crazy I'll read them.
Staff Updates -

Our manager @snw has chosen to resign from the MolisWorld community with the point a lot of his time will no longer be available. He's got a lot to deal with I wish him the best of luck with the future and thank him for his help around organizing the community a little more.

@Thortois has been promoted back to Helper! congratulations thor and welcome back to the staff team.

I'm not going into a full server update as I was looking to inform you all of the changes and what I'm planning to do. the server will appear back online today at some point once it's done reverting.


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Hello Everyone,
Yes it's happened again.. the forums ended up getting reset why this time? allow me to explain what has happened (Yes it's my fault)

As you all are probably very aware i decided to take some time off from the server/community and focused on myself for a little bit in that time i Compleatley ignored messaged (including emails with the title 'Invoice' i don't know why i ignored them assuming it was something silly as i get invoices from years ago from old companies that i no longer work with.

but the host emailed me notifying me i needed to pay for the forums and i missed the notification and then a month has went by and of-corse they think i'm not going to pay for the service anymore and that i'm not interested with it they decided to Terminate the hosting plan (sorry)

I've decided the old theme on the forums just needed to be updated as i wanted a change for the server to motivate me to get back to work on the community. i hope everyone enjoys the new forums design & layout as a lot has changed in the forums.

What's new?:

- The amazing new Theme
- All user banners are now bigger and a lot neater to see & match the colors in-game
- Donator rank has been added to the forums
- Registerd users now have a tag 'Member'
- Added a staff page click here to view
- Reactions have been added
- Formats have been updated

Have fun on the new forums!,

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